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I use to hate running. I never understood why I wasn't improving. Then, one day, as my coach was trying to get me to hit a specific position, she yelled "Just A-skip!!" Suddenly, I was doing exactly what she asked, in perfect position. It was them I realized how important drills were to my running mechanics, and I began studying the drills more in depth, and watched as my times go better and better, and my love for running began to come alive. This workshop will take the drills I have found to be most directly related to running form, and give you an in- depth look at "what" each drill is, "how" to do them properly, and "why" each drill applies to running specifically. The following running drills that will be covered in this course: A-Walk A-Skip A-Run B-Walk B-Skip B-Run Ankling Butt Kicks

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